Exercises to lose belly fat

Exercises to lose belly fat

Exercises to lose belly fatExercises to lose belly fat,i must say is very possible and that no two (2) person have the same body structure,gene or Metabolism.A friend of mines showed me this trick once on how to exercise to lose belly fat, in order for one to lose belly fat he said you can trick your abdomen by allowing your mind to think you are doing alot of abdominal exercise by contracting the abdominal muscles.My Good friend Kunta could be working,sitting down or just standing and would flex his abdominal muscles as if he was doing crunches and would literally blow my mind at the end of a week to see a wash board stomach.i am telling you this because most people think its impossible to exercise to lose belly fat when all it takes is just focus and mental clarity.with that being said anything you want you can achieve however if you are obese you got to work harder but its possible and also up to how bad you want to lose belly fat.Exercises to lose belly fat




Crunches to lose belly fat women

Exercise to lose belly fatWe all want a well toned Stomach but we are afraid of pain even though as women we do have a higher pain tolerance.

Crunches are good exercises to lose belly fat when done correctly and in the proper format with that been said if you are not exercising properly to lose belly fat,you can hurt or self.when doing crunches don`t go too high with your back and try to keep a straight line from the moment of when your back is off the floor or bench to the same when your back is on the flat surface.

Please do remember to do good exercises to lose belly fat and be consistent when you are doing crunches ,dont do two (2) sets of 15 – 20 crunches and think thats all the exercise it takes to lose belly fat.you have to keep doing more reps, day after day until you start seeing results and when you start seeing results dont stop continue to  do exercises to lose belly fat,when i say continue i want you to step up your repetition to burn belly fat because if you get comfortable you might go back to square one,wondering what happen,always do good exercises and you will see how to lose stomach fat also try to eat  fat burning foods



Running to lose belly fat

Exercise to lose belly fatCardio is always good,its a sure way to get your core geared up,strong core is good,if you dont have time to go to the gym or even cant afford a thread mill,get a skipping rope and start to skip on the spot to your favorite tune or work out music.

Joing a group to run with if you are afraid to run alone.Exercises to lose belly fat






Exercises to lose belly fat





Here is a List and have fun.

* Walking..

* Swimming..                                                                                                                                                 

* Tennis..

* Biking..

Jump Rope..

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